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To educate and empower women and children by enabling them to have an effective and positive role in constructing a better society.


A better world for women and children.


Mercy Without Limits is a nonprofit 501©(3) (status) organization registered in the United States.
Tax ID: 45-5297608

Since its establishment in 2012, MWL has been dedicated to addressing humanitarian needs for orphans, widows, and refugees regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. MWL initially specialized in aiding Syrian orphans and widows. However, as the demand for humanitarian relief increased, we expanded as a direct response organization to assist those most in need worldwide.

MWL provides individuals with a platform of adequate support to prosper within their communities and improve their living conditions. With branches across multiple countries, we provide basic needs through capacity building, protection, education, empowerment, rehabilitation programs, psychological support, livelihood, family counseling and food security projects. Mercy Without Limits works to recruit grants and donation funds provided by international organizations, charitable communities and individual contributors for development projects.


Mercy Without Limits strives to meet the needs of neglected and underserved communities so that future generations may have the tools they need to create meaningful change in their own lives. Working with partners around the world, we empower communities to recover, build resiliency, and thrive in the face of unfortunate circumstances.

MWL acknowledges that everyone deserves the necessities of life including: food, clean water, shelter, clothing, health services, and opportunities for sustainable growth.

MWL respects and supports all types of cultures, habits, and individual and community customs. MWL ensures that all stakeholders are involved in assessment, program designing, and implementing by activating all necessary tools to achieve the highest level of accountability.

MWL believes that all human beings have the right to the necessities regardless of their gender, age, religion, or ethnicity.


Dear friends,

On behalf of everyone at Mercy Without Limits, we would like to thank you for your continued support and commitment towards improving the lives of orphans, widows, and refugees all around the world.

Based out of Kansas, our work has grown and taken us all around the world in areas of high orphan populations. We provide the fundamental tools for the short-term and long-term survival of our orphans, widows, and refugees. Our dedicated staff has done an incredible job at expanding our outreach while strengthening our programs and services to meet the needs of each community we serve. Our goal is to insure our orphans and their communities will continue to have access to clear water, food assistance, education, and other needed necessities.

Despite the many challenges our orphans, widows, and refugees face on a daily basis, they are fortunate to have many loyal supporters who are committed to providing them with tools for their continued growth and prosperity. We believe together we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Becoming an orphan sponsor is about building a relationship. Every gift you give is an opportunity YOU have to shape the lives of not just one orphan, but inevitable the lives of many generations to come. Give the gift of a limitless smile, the gift of love, and the gift of a lifetime.


Mohamad Naser Albadawi
Chairman of the Board/President