Mohamad Albadawi

Chairman of the Board/ President

Mohamad Albadawi earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Rolla-Missouri. He is the President of A Z Custom Homes. He has over 35 years of experience in the non-profit sector and community development capacity. He worked as an Executive Director for Muslim Arab Youth Association. Served as the Chairman of the board for the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City and the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. Servesed as a Board of Trustee for the Muslim American Society. He is founder since MWL started in 2012.
Term 2018-2024

Sami Banyalmarjeh

Board Member and Secretary

Sami Banyalmarjeh earned a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri – Kansas City and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Engineering Management at the University of Kansas. Sami currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City and is devoted to helping the Muslim community. Sami Banyalmarjeh is dedicated to assisting people in need by working to help provide humanitarian relief to Syrian civilians afflicted as a result of the ongoing crisis. He joined MWL in 2014.
Term 2018-2024

Mustafa Hussein


Mustafa Hussein has a BS in Mathematics from University of Kansas 1987 Work Experience: Worked for 19 years as a director for Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City that served 20,000 people, Member of Board of Director: Mercy without limits, I serve as the treasurer since its inception, Current Employment: Practice Manager for three Medical Practices for 3 Years. Name of Practices: Continuum Health Care. He joined MWL in 2012.
Term 2018-2024

Samir Jesri

Board Member

Samir Jesri is the President of Vision Media Print. He is a community leader who has over 14 years in nonprofit work. He is currently the President of Hawthorne Islamic Center and has served in several nonprofits as board and executive level positions. Sami applies his knowledge and experience towards making a difference in the community which focuses on youth empowerment and development. He joined MWL in 2012.
Term 2018-2024

Mohamed Elhewizy

Board member

Mohamed Elhewizy is the director of the Muslim community of South Dakota. He is one of the main community leaders that focuses on community outreach. He focuses on educational and youth program which includes conducting activities for children to develop social skills. In addition to that, he provides counseling and guidance services as needed. Mohamed likes to give back to the community especially the children as he knows the importance of making a difference in these children’s lives and future. He joined MWL in 2019.
Term 2019-2024

All board members are independent

Our Team


Dr. Mohammed Hassan


Dr. Hassan works to strengthen Mercy Without Limit’s effort in improving the lives of children worldwide through improved health, education, and economic conditions. He is a mission driven leader, strategist, executive coach, and leading innovative working to build impact driven partnerships.

He brings 20 years of experience in multinational corporate America, responsible for market growth and devolvement, global strategy development, communication, and venture partnerships with over 15 years of experience working for NGOs. Having worked and travel to most of the Middle Eastern countries, he brings with him a wealth of experience and insight. Dr. Hassan has devoted his career to ensuring that underserved children and widows have access to best practice interventions and cutting-edge solutions

He leads teams around the world to translate shared vision into results. He has served on numerous boards and volunteers his time assisting local organizations with fundraising and board governance work.

He holds a BA in Management from Cairo University in Egypt, an MBA from Southwest University in LA, and a Ph.D in Theological studies from Graduate Theological Foundation in IN.

Ahmed Elkhadly M.D.

VP of Fund Development

Dr. Ahmed Elkhaldy earned his bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from University of Iowa and his M.D. degree from the University of Science, Art Technology – Colledge of Medicine. He is a developer with over 25 years of community work in faith based leadership, youth development, humanitarian work, outreach, and consultants. Dr. Ahmed believes in the power of humanitarian and inter-faith work. As the president of MAS-IA and the former Imam of the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids, Dr. Ahmed has had many opportunities to lead seminars and workshops locally and nationally for houses of worship, retreat centers, schools, colleges, and professional organizations.

Jenin Sabbah, J.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Jenin earned her BA in Supply Chain Management at Wayne State University and her Juris Doctorate Degree at The Detroit Mercy School of Law. Jenin has been an active member of her community by serving on a Youth Committee Board, volunteering, and by succeeding in many leadership roles at various non-profit organizations over the last 6 years. Jenin has lead and evolved many trainings, workshops, community events and projects. She is committed to advocating for her community and leading humanitarian efforts to help underserved populations. Jenin is passionate about the development, growth, and mission of MWL and is working towards powerful changes that we can continue to see the fruits of in the future.

Hajar Banyalmarjeh

Donor Care Manager

Hajar earned a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry at the University of Missouri-Kansas. She is currently seeking a Master’s of Science in Data Analysis at Northwest Missouri State University, with the goal of implementing the skills she gains at MWL. She plans to expand MWL’s donor relations team and implement engagement and fundraising strategies to enhance current and prospective donor experiences. She is committed to creating a high-quality experience for all donors. Hajar has always had a passion for serving her community, as she spends free time volunteering at other nonprofit local organizations.