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How will a sponsored child benefit from my donation?

Sponsorship of an orphan child with MWL costs $60 per month to be billed monthly or annually. Every dollar of that money goes towards meeting the child and their community’s basic provisional needs and facilitating programs to meet their long-term sustainable growth – programs such as education and healthcare. 

Why does an orphan sponsorship cost $60 a month?

MWL is unique in that our sponsorship program is designed to provide orphans not only with life’s necessities (food, water and healthcare) but also access to education and programs that empower them and their respective community – such as vocational programs and psychological interventions. Our orphan sponsorship program also provides support to our orphans’ mothers, helping them develop financial independence to support their children and themselves.  

How do I know my sponsored child is benefiting from my donations?

Donors will receive a quarterly update on their orphansThese updates encompass diverse details, such as photos, medical records, and visuals of the orphan receiving essentials like school supplies and gifts. This keeps you connected and informed about your sponsored orphan’s progress, enabling you to witness the direct impact of your support. There may be occasional delays in obtaining updates due to unforeseen circumstances or challenges in remote regions. We appreciate your understanding and patience. 

Can I sponsor an orphan for less than a year?

We do not assign a child to a donor who wants to sponsor for less than a year (or less than $720 within a year) to uphold fairness and ensure the child benefits fully from committed programs. If you prefer not to commit to a year-long sponsorship but still wish to contribute, you can donate to our general orphan sponsorship funds. This pooled contribution ensures your donation supports those in the greatest need. 

How can I sponsor an orphan’s siblings?

Many of the orphans in our care have siblings who might not be sponsored yet themselves. To find out if your orphan has a sibling and whether or not they are sponsored, you can reach out to our donor care team via email at info@mercywithoutlimits.org or by phone at 1-855-633-3695 and a member of our team will find out for you. 

Is using my credit card online to donate safe?

We strive to keep your personal information completely secure. We utilize SSL internet security protocol as our certification and encryption technology to keep your credit card data safe. Meaning, whenever you enter your credit card number in a response form on our site, you can feel confident that your information is protected. 

Is my donation/sponsorship tax-deductible?

Yes! Every donation through Mercy Without Limits is tax-deductible. Receipts for donations throughout the year will be delivered via mail or email within the first few weeks of the new year.

How do I cancel my sponsorship?

You can cancel your orphan sponsorship by reaching out to us via email at info@mercywithoutlimits.org or by phone at 1-855-633-3695 and a member of our team will assist you.