Let them know they’re not alone this Ramadan

Communication and comfort are vital for a child’s healthy development. With parents by their side, children can confide in them about their feelings and opinions. An orphan's feelings and opinions may get overlooked without much needed support from a parental figure.

We at Mercy Without Limits have made it our mission to improve the lives of orphans by bringing them support in every aspect of their lives. Our orphan sponsorship program provides them with food, clothing, shelter and academics; as well as a community to be a part of. We are working to put together a framework for a bright future for these hopeful children.

We aim to ensure that orphans in our care are supported in every vital area of development, and you can play a key role in this effort.

Help them realize their full potential by donating today.


This Ramadan, contribute to lifelong change

Most children in general find it difficult to train themselves with educational principles without guidance from adults and community. If an orphan is very young when they lose their parents it can be extremely difficult for them to pursue and achieve academic goals.

Ten percent of orphans around the world end up with successful educational backgrounds. Mercy Without Limits is dedicated to improving this number drastically, by providing orphans with necessities, access to quality education and much needed school supplies.

Consider sponsoring an orphan and their siblings to ensure the well-being of the only family they have left. Empower their support system, give them another chance at joy.

Your contributions can be the light at the end of the tunnel. You can provide the support they need to aspire and achieve.


Donation Packages

The power of sponsorship is limitless

Provide food, clothing, healthcare, and education to 25 children

$50/a day


Feed 75 hungry children

$150/a day


Feed multiple children throughout Ramadan

$500/a day


Sponsor a Child For 12 months



The most vulnerable faction of society

Orphans are a crucial portion of the world’s population that we cannot overlook. These children are just as thoughtful, creative and intelligent as children who have been blessed with easier circumstances; and they require the same resources that every child has a right to.

Ensure these children are cared for, just as you would your own. Give them a sense of security and the support they need to grow and develop. Donate today.

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