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Every Life Needs Warmth


Since the massive 7.3 earthquakes in 2023 about 1.4 million people have been unhoused, making them extremely vulnerable to harsh winter elements. In these dire conditions, focusing on education becomes a challenge. Yet, education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.



While struggling to provide a warm home how can parents, teachers, or kids even begin to worry about their education?

Many comforts that make our everyday life enjoyable and worth living are taken for granted – your coffee in the morning, your warm dry slippers, heating, or even a cozy robe. This is not the reality for many in these cold months. Instead of their warm homes and woodfire hearths millions of people in Syria and Türkiye are left unhoused and forced to bear the harsh weather in tents.

Education is the most effective and sustainable way to end cycles of poverty. When you donate to MWL you’re donating to the upward social mobility of students in heavily disadvantaged communities. Our team is committed to making a lasting impact on poverty, through education.

Warmth and comfort are essential to facilitating a learning environment. With your support to our Winter Relief program, we can provide warm jackets, boots, pants, gloves, classroom heaters, fuel for heaters, and everything else children and teachers need to succeed in this wintery learning environment. Donate to our Winter Appeals today!


of the global refugee population consists of Syrian refugees.


of the Syrian population lives below the poverty line.