One of the great delights of being a sponsor is having the opportunity to visit your sponsored child and to meet face to face, see the impact your sponsorship has had on your child’s life, and maybe even participate in sponsorship-funded programs in your child’s community. If you are interested in visiting your child, please complete the below steps minimum 90 days before your planned date of departure to guarantee your visit is arranged.

STEP 1: Application Process

90 Days before the start of your trip, please complete and submit the following documents:

Please send completed documents by email at or mail to this address:
Mercy Without Limits
11661 College Blvd. Suite 105
P. O. Box 27281
Overland Park, KS 66225

If you have any questions while completing the application or the process in general, please call is at 1-855-633-3695. Thank you!

STEP 2: Travel Preparations

Once your application is received, please allow us 30 days to review and reply to your application. Once your application is approved, Mercy Without Limits staff will prepare visit arrangements with your sponsored child by contacting our local staff in your child’s country to arrange the details for your visit, including date, time, location, and possible activities. In the meantime, we recommend you prepare for your trip by:

  • Visit a health care provider to get any vaccines, medicine, and advice you need 4-6 weeks before your trip
  • Confirm Travel logistics including flight, lodging, and transportation plans
  • Visit your local travel clinic or family physician for health advice and/or necessary immunizations
  • Confirm you have all the needed travel clearances with regards to passports and visas
  • Purchase small gifts for your sponsored child, preferably shareable gifts to share with siblings, friends, and group mates – like stickers, balloons, small trinkets, etc.
  • Check with your mobile device carrier about international calls and data usage
  • Study your destination country and plan local excursions.
  • Pack simple and comfortable weather-appropriate and culturally-appropriate clothing to use on your visit with your sponsored child
  • Ensure you have Mercy Without Limits contact information handy on you during your trip for quick access if needed.

STEP 3: The Visit

Before Your Visit

10-days before your visit, we will share the great news with your child and their caregivers so they too can look forward to seeing and prepare for your visit. At this point, all visit arrangements will be final.

During your Visit
  • A – General Guidelines

    The visit with your sponsored child will be pre-scheduled with Mercy Without Limits HQ staff and international staff and it will run for a maximum of one day. The day of your visit, please be on time to the meeting location. You will be expected to cover the costs of your visit, including transportation expenses, expenses for a travel guide/translator if needed, and the cost of lunch for yourself and accompanying staff member. A Mercy Without Limits staff member will be with you throughout the whole visit to arrange visit and help with any issues. During your visit, you may be invited to participate in an activity or program with your child depending on the child’s individual circumstances. We hope you enjoy your trip and build fond memories with your child.

  • B – Cultural sensitivity

    Mercy Without Limits is considerate and respectful of people’s different ways of living and we do not enforce our personal views on anyone. We encourage our supporters to respect local laws and customs and when visiting with sponsored child, we require you do not reference religion, politics or other subjects that may be culturally sensitive or inappropriate to your sponsored child.

  • C – Photos

    We invite you to take photos and videos with your sponsored child, but we kindly ask you first check with the child’s caregivers to ensure they are happy to be photographed. When taking photos, please ensure that every person in the image is fully and conservatively dressed. All photos and videos taken need to meet our Child Protection Policies.

STEP 4: Post-Visit

After your return back to your home, we hope you will allow us to schedule a 10-minute call to go over your visit. We would love to hear how the visit went, what you thought of it, your favorite moments, and what recommended changes you would suggest. If you prefer to update us by email, please send us an email at

Your feedback helps us improve visit experiences for you and other kind supporters. We would also love to see your visit photos and videos! You can email them to us at Share your memories with family & friends by posting to social media and please Tag us so we can share in the memory.