This Ramadan, bring clean drinking water to people in developing countries

There are one billion people in the world without access to safe drinking water, while only about 15% of the population has enough (and sometimes more than enough) to drink.

The spirit of Ramadan is to inculcate empathy and compassion for the community while purifying our nafs. Now is the time to take part in something generous and life-changing.

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What is Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)?

At Mercy Without Limits, we are driven by the belief that water is the fundamental basis of life. We believe that each human being is entitled to the basic human right of clean, consumable water. Unfortunately, for many around the world that right has been undermined due to natural disasters, conflict, poverty, and social circumstances.

Mercy Without Limits constructs large-scale water infrastructure projects that enable direct access to safe water and sanitation for thousands of people in countries affected by conflict. Furthermore, we provide training to the communities we serve on using resources to achieve proper sanitary conditions.

Our work has taken us to Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Syria, Pakistan, and India. Our goal is to drastically decrease the number of people dying from contaminated water and unsanitary conditions.

This Ramadan, our goal is to reach as many impoverished people as possible. Support our efforts.


Ramadan Donation Packages

The power of providing is limitless


  • Tube well $500
  • Deep well with electrical pump, storage and faucets $3,000

Sierra Leone

  • Tube well $2,500
  • Deep well $7,500


  • Tube well $1,500
  • Deep well $7,500


  • Tube well $1,500
  • Deep well $7,500


  • General water well donation $25

How Does MWL Ensure the Sustainability of This Program?

MWL’s goal isn’t just to build water wells, but to provide easy access to clean, sustainable water resources for years to come.

MWL provides training to the communities we serve on using resources to achieve proper sanitary conditions. We also provide training for mechanics to perform repairs, which best prepares the community for emergencies.

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