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06/01/2019Syria Zakatu AlfitrONE TIME$30.00
05/12/2019Support OrphansMONTHLY$50.00
04/19/2019Syria Emergency AppealONE TIME$1.00
04/10/2019Count Me InONE TIME$1.00
03/03/2019Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
02/03/2019Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
01/10/2019Syria FloodingONE TIME$250.00
01/09/2019Syria FloodingONE TIME$1.00
01/03/2019Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
12/03/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
11/03/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
10/03/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
09/03/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
08/03/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
08/03/2018General DonationONE TIME$1.00
07/04/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
06/27/2018General DonationONE TIME$1.00
06/12/2018Zakat-Al-Fitr ($10 x 5)ONE TIME$50.00
06/07/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60
05/20/2018Sponsorship of Taha QasemMONTHLY$60

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 Credit CardCard ending in: 1972Expires: 06/19YES
 Credit CardCard ending in: 4493Expires: 02/22NO
 Credit CardCard ending in: 8741Expires: 02/22NO

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Mr. Najat Zrieh

16221 Mastin
Overland Park, Kansas 66085



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