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31 Aug 2022

A Roadmap Through Education – MWL’s Greatest Journey

Every year is a cycle - especially for the students in our lives.

From kindergarten to even studying for our Masters, we are familiar with the cycle of working and going to school and taking a break for summer, for the process to repeat itself once again.

This process is not unfamiliar to students worldwide—the only difference is that many are unable to return back to school; the cycle becomes incomplete. Financial and political conflicts often bar students from starting a new school year.

Every human being has a hunger for knowledge—it is no doubt upsetting to hear that millions of students, old and young, are prevented from quenching their thirst for self-development and wisdom.

That is why it is MWL’s goal to provide educational opportunities for every stop on the journey of education—from K-12 all the way through university.

Follow us through our support for every student to complete the different cycles of their education:

K-12 Support

At MWL, we say “A Child’s Well-being Starts with Their Education.” We ensure that children in several countries are provided with the necessary tools to start their journey of life. Our team provides education programs for children in refugee camps who had once not had access to education. This includes orphans being sponsored, who are guaranteed consistent support and access to education. Our programs provide the foundations for childhood education, so that every child is familiar with their basic concepts– no matter their outside circumstances.

Our older children have the opportunity to participate in our Youth and Adolescent Empowerment Program. Our team forms training programs and clubs for children to join to further expand their skills and their curiosity. MWL lays the foundation for children to use their knowledge to develop work skills and background for further education.

Back to School

It is not enough to provide children with exceptional programs—but no supplies to help them retain the information! With our Back to School program, our staff worldwide distributes school supplies and materials to facilitate a child’s learning. Children are given new pencils, backpacks, notebooks, and more—all the necessary tools needed for an effective classroom experience.

It’s not just our kids that receive supplies—our teachers receive supplies as well! Teaching is a difficult and rewarding position—especially in underserved areas– and our team supplies necessary materials to make teaching resourceful and impacting.

second-image A female teacher is instructed a group of younger children sitting on the floor in a circle


Once children have received their effective classroom instruction, they will be off to higher education soon enough. Access to higher education can help students in underserved communities achieve the appropriate credentials to work and provide for their families. Our cycle begins again—with MWL to help by each student’s side.

Our team enables people like you to invest in a student’s academic future. Many of our students come from refugee camps and other disadvantaged communities and may otherwise not be able to afford a college degree. Donations from $500 to $2000 offer a student a one-to-four-year scholarship respectively. We are determined to remove any and all roadblocks preventing intelligent, capable, and curious students from reaching their highest potential.

Education is a human right. Our communities deserve access to education, despite circumstances out of their control. We at MWL believe that education creates foundation for communities once underserved to thrive and prosper. With your help, we can create leaders that empower their communities and change the world.

Keep the cycle of wisdom, curiosity, and hope going! Join MWL in our mission of education today!