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10 Mar 2023

Homes for Hope: How MWL Supports Rohingya Refugees

Cox’s Bazar Kutupalong is not only the Rohingya people’s biggest refugee camp, but it is the biggest refugee camp in the world.

Rohingya refugees were forced to leave their homes in fear of persecution and settled in refugee camps all over Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar Kutupalong is not only the Rohingya people’s biggest refugee camp, but it is the biggest refugee camp in the world.

Just recently, Kutupalong had suffered fires destroying multiple tents. Thousands who were already displaced are once again forced to pack their things and move to unknown territories. To be unable to find a permanent home is a stressor on the Rohingya people—among others, like the inability to access food, water and other basic necessities.

Having a shelter that is safe and durable is a basic human right. Our team at MWL not only develops programs to house Rohingya people, but we provide other necessities for life. Clean well water and food are some of the other things we provide to our communities in need. All these things combined provide a home for families and communities to remain safe and to thrive in.

Water Wells

Water is the essence of human life. MWL gives Rohingya refugees access to clean water through the construction of water wells. A water well for $500 can last for ten years. This past year, MWL has installed 58 deep water wells, supplying nearly 6,000 people with clean, accessible water. When water is available, communities are now able to support themselves, their health and their hygiene.

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Food Aid

Food is often inaccessible to people in refugee camps. More than half of Rohingya people are under poverty, many of whom are unsure where their next meal will come from. Our team provides food assistance through food baskets to our Rohingya communities. Food baskets are packages that feed a family for a whole month. Nutritious food is distributed by our team on a regular basis, for the health and safety of our communities.


Orphan Sponsorship

Orphans in Rohingya are some of the most vulnerable groups of people; with no familial support, many are especially prone to extreme poverty.

What does orphan sponsorship contain? When an orphan is sponsored, they are guaranteed food, school supplies, health care, amongst other needs. For Ramadan, orphans are given food for iftar and even an Eid celebration to end off the season. Our team guarantees the health and well-being of our orphans.

Solar Panels

Electricity from a renewable source allows communities to be independent and adapt their living space to different weather conditions. MWL’s solar panel projects develop and install solar panels for our communities in need to access electricity and heat. Your team continues to build solar panels for the benefit of the Rohingya communities.

Life’s basic necessities are the core elements of growing a healthy community. We at MWL recognize that when basic needs are met, families can develop and success can be achieved. Our team works on keeping Rohingya families and communities safe and hopeful, knowing they are in the hands of those that care for them. You can give hope to the Rohingya people by providing for their basic necessities and making a home for them today. Your contribution can build a lifelong place of hope.