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17 Mar 2022

Behind Every Orphan is a Child

Political conflicts, natural disasters, and the insecurity in acquiring basic needs makes orphans feel as if they need to mature quicker to remain afloat.

But even in the tragedies that face them, they are still children, with innocence and joy at the core of their being. At MWL, we not only want to provide basic necessities—shelter, water, food and healthcare—to keep them safe and healthy; we also provide aid as a means of preserving the childhood innocence. Children deserve to be children—without worrying how they will survive to the next day.

Here are some ways Mercy Without Limits has been providing help to our orphans, through orphan sponsorship and beyond:

Food and Water 

Our team ensures that orphans, sponsored or not, are provided with clean, nutritious food and water throughout the year. We provide different programs and campaigns that target hunger and create sustainable water wells for children and their communities to enjoy and prosper from.

With many orphans living in refugee camps, access to food and water is often scarce. With orphan sponsorship, food aid is guaranteed, and food becomes accessible to the sponsored orphan.


Every child has a right to education.

Orphaned children deserve to access education— with or without familial support. We at MWL make sure that the roadblocks for a child looking to access to education are resolved, especially through providing school supplies and training programs. Our educators also take groups of children on fun, educational field trips throughout the year to enrich their lives and allow for new experiences.

Older children have the ability through our young adult programs to gain pre-professional skills to launch them into further academic or vocational pursuits.

second-image A female child and a female adult volunteer face the camera, making a heart shape with their two hands.


During times of emergency, orphans are especially suffering without support from their families. Tents that are old and fragile become victims of destruction during natural disasters and harsh weather conditions. Our team builds and sustains emergency tents for orphans to find solace in. We build shelters—tents and buildings, protecting orphans and keeping them warm.


We honor the spirit of our children by providing them activities that allow fun and joy into their lives. Our main event is the Eid celebration parties we have worldwide. Children get to forget their worries and enjoy activities and receive gifts. New clothes and toys are a promise to orphaned children for the holiday season.

A child is more than an orphan—they are a beacon of joy, gratitude, and hope, as they create and mold the faces of generations to come. Our team gives the tools for our children overseas to live full lives and remain hopeful for the future. There are ways that you can contribute to a child’s future, and a community’s wellbeing. Find out how you can join MWL today to make a better future for tomorrow.