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18 Jul 2023

Brightening Lives: A Dhul-Hijjah Pilgrimage from Home

Narrated by Ibn Abbas: The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days of Dhul-Hijjah."

Dhul Hijjah- a time of hard sacrifices and beautiful truths. In this month, us Muslims come together once again to fast and indulge ourselves in its blessings—all while our friends and family travel thousands of miles to perform a gruel some yet rewarding pilgrimage. Many of us wish we were there, experiencing firsthand a generations-old journey to self-fulfillment. And yet, even more of us create our own journeys, filled with struggle and reward, right from home.


This year, we at MWL launched our Dhul Hijjah campaign Brightening the Best Days. Our mission was to use our sacrifices of time and money in order to bring light to lives filled with darkness during the best days of the year. From a lack of protein to immeasurable hunger, we make sacrifices of wealth and time to alleviate others who face food insecurity. In that way, we experience hardships so that others don’t. And the beauty of sacrifice, as we learn in Dhul Hijjah, is that they are never without reward.ed by Ibn Abbas: The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days of Dhul-Hijjah.”

Narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar: The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “There is no day more honorable in the sight of Allah…than the Day of Arafah.” (Tirmidhi)

With the support of thousands, our Dhul Hijjah appeal has been a very successful campaign. We have received over 2500 Qurbani sacrifices, feeding thousands of families from India to Sierra Leone to Syria. Communities gathered together to assure one another that access to food and hope are possible. Our supporters’ sacrifices with MWL kept people together to love and support one another, knowing that love and support are available—even from their brothers and sisters thousands of miles away.


second-image Narrated by Abu Qatadah: The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was asked about fasting on the Day of Arafah. He said, "Fasting on the Day of Arafah expiates the sins of the past year and the coming year." (Muslim)

We at MWL thank our supporters for contributing their time and resources to ensure that others are relieved from their own sacrifices. This Dhul Hijjah, we have seen incredible support from people wanting to see a world comforted by blessings. We hope that those who’ve contributed continue to see the fruits of their blessings, by seeing the impact their patronage brought. We thank our supporters for illuminating the lives of plenty and bringing lifelong strength to communities across the globe.

10 Mar 2023

Homes for Hope: How MWL Supports Rohingya Refugees

Cox’s Bazar Kutupalong is not only the Rohingya people’s biggest refugee camp, but it is the biggest refugee camp in the world.

Rohingya refugees were forced to leave their homes in fear of persecution and settled in refugee camps all over Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar Kutupalong is not only the Rohingya people’s biggest refugee camp, but it is the biggest refugee camp in the world.

Just recently, Kutupalong had suffered fires destroying multiple tents. Thousands who were already displaced are once again forced to pack their things and move to unknown territories. To be unable to find a permanent home is a stressor on the Rohingya people—among others, like the inability to access food, water and other basic necessities.

Having a shelter that is safe and durable is a basic human right. Our team at MWL not only develops programs to house Rohingya people, but we provide other necessities for life. Clean well water and food are some of the other things we provide to our communities in need. All these things combined provide a home for families and communities to remain safe and to thrive in.

Water Wells

Water is the essence of human life. MWL gives Rohingya refugees access to clean water through the construction of water wells. A water well for $500 can last for ten years. This past year, MWL has installed 58 deep water wells, supplying nearly 6,000 people with clean, accessible water. When water is available, communities are now able to support themselves, their health and their hygiene.

second-image Description for Second Image

Food Aid

Food is often inaccessible to people in refugee camps. More than half of Rohingya people are under poverty, many of whom are unsure where their next meal will come from. Our team provides food assistance through food baskets to our Rohingya communities. Food baskets are packages that feed a family for a whole month. Nutritious food is distributed by our team on a regular basis, for the health and safety of our communities.


Orphan Sponsorship

Orphans in Rohingya are some of the most vulnerable groups of people; with no familial support, many are especially prone to extreme poverty.

What does orphan sponsorship contain? When an orphan is sponsored, they are guaranteed food, school supplies, health care, amongst other needs. For Ramadan, orphans are given food for iftar and even an Eid celebration to end off the season. Our team guarantees the health and well-being of our orphans.

Solar Panels

Electricity from a renewable source allows communities to be independent and adapt their living space to different weather conditions. MWL’s solar panel projects develop and install solar panels for our communities in need to access electricity and heat. Your team continues to build solar panels for the benefit of the Rohingya communities.

Life’s basic necessities are the core elements of growing a healthy community. We at MWL recognize that when basic needs are met, families can develop and success can be achieved. Our team works on keeping Rohingya families and communities safe and hopeful, knowing they are in the hands of those that care for them. You can give hope to the Rohingya people by providing for their basic necessities and making a home for them today. Your contribution can build a lifelong place of hope.

31 Aug 2022

A Roadmap Through Education – MWL’s Greatest Journey

Every year is a cycle - especially for the students in our lives.

From kindergarten to even studying for our Masters, we are familiar with the cycle of working and going to school and taking a break for summer, for the process to repeat itself once again.

This process is not unfamiliar to students worldwide—the only difference is that many are unable to return back to school; the cycle becomes incomplete. Financial and political conflicts often bar students from starting a new school year.

Every human being has a hunger for knowledge—it is no doubt upsetting to hear that millions of students, old and young, are prevented from quenching their thirst for self-development and wisdom.

That is why it is MWL’s goal to provide educational opportunities for every stop on the journey of education—from K-12 all the way through university.

Follow us through our support for every student to complete the different cycles of their education:

K-12 Support

At MWL, we say “A Child’s Well-being Starts with Their Education.” We ensure that children in several countries are provided with the necessary tools to start their journey of life. Our team provides education programs for children in refugee camps who had once not had access to education. This includes orphans being sponsored, who are guaranteed consistent support and access to education. Our programs provide the foundations for childhood education, so that every child is familiar with their basic concepts– no matter their outside circumstances.

Our older children have the opportunity to participate in our Youth and Adolescent Empowerment Program. Our team forms training programs and clubs for children to join to further expand their skills and their curiosity. MWL lays the foundation for children to use their knowledge to develop work skills and background for further education.

Back to School

It is not enough to provide children with exceptional programs—but no supplies to help them retain the information! With our Back to School program, our staff worldwide distributes school supplies and materials to facilitate a child’s learning. Children are given new pencils, backpacks, notebooks, and more—all the necessary tools needed for an effective classroom experience.

It’s not just our kids that receive supplies—our teachers receive supplies as well! Teaching is a difficult and rewarding position—especially in underserved areas– and our team supplies necessary materials to make teaching resourceful and impacting.

second-image A female teacher is instructed a group of younger children sitting on the floor in a circle


Once children have received their effective classroom instruction, they will be off to higher education soon enough. Access to higher education can help students in underserved communities achieve the appropriate credentials to work and provide for their families. Our cycle begins again—with MWL to help by each student’s side.

Our team enables people like you to invest in a student’s academic future. Many of our students come from refugee camps and other disadvantaged communities and may otherwise not be able to afford a college degree. Donations from $500 to $2000 offer a student a one-to-four-year scholarship respectively. We are determined to remove any and all roadblocks preventing intelligent, capable, and curious students from reaching their highest potential.

Education is a human right. Our communities deserve access to education, despite circumstances out of their control. We at MWL believe that education creates foundation for communities once underserved to thrive and prosper. With your help, we can create leaders that empower their communities and change the world.

Keep the cycle of wisdom, curiosity, and hope going! Join MWL in our mission of education today!

31 Jul 2022

Dhul Hijjah – A Time of Sacrifice and Joy

Just as Ramadan closes, three months later, another time of fasting and celebration springs up, ready for its blessings to be collected by those worldwide.

We are reminded again the lessons we learned and the reflections we’ve made past in Ramadan—to be thankful of what we have, to celebrate it, while giving to others who are in need.

Mercy Without Limits welcomes this time every year with gratitude and a tender approach to illuminating the lives of many. The ten days of this month especially are regarded as the best months of the year — and our team takes advantage of them, with blessings and happiness for all. From providing food to hosting Eid celebrations, our team makes bringing happiness and contentment a lifelong process. Here is what our team did for Dhul Hijjah 2022:


From Jordan to Sierra Leone, our team provided clean, ethical meat distribution in accordance to religious tradition. The meat we collected fed thousands of underserved communities, providing them with enough meat to feed families for weeks to come.


Eid Celebration

We love ending the Dhul Hijjah season with a bang—a celebration fit for all children to lift their spirits for years to come. Our team knows how to create parties for children and families to remember, including providing engaging activities and handing out new clothes, toys, and other gifts. What better way to end the season than with happiness, joy, and freedom from the stresses of life?

What now– what is MWL’s plan for this upcoming Dhul Hijjah season?

More and more programs and excitement are on the horizon for Dhul Hijjah and Eid al Adha 2023. Your support forms programs and plants smile on people’s faces. We are continuing to organize campaigns that keep families, orphans, and others in need with everything they need to live happy, long-lasting lives. Here is what MWL has in store for this season:


MWL continues to provide Qurbani services for those who would like to complete their religious obligation of providing animal meat for those in need. Meat is often the hardest food item for families to afford—so we are especially looking forward to continuing our tradition of feeding thousands of people in our global community.

Eid Gifts

What better way to end the season than with a party? Children gather together at our MWL Eid celebrations worldwide to collect new clothes, toys, and other items. Our children in poverty deserve the chance to enjoy new gifts without worrying if their families will be able to afford them. Eid is a fantastic way to remind families that there is a global community that supports and loves them.

In another month, we once again fast and sacrifice our daily feasts to reflect and celebrate another holiday. There are countless ways YOU can contribute to a great Dhul Hijjah and an even better year for those in need.

31 May 2022

Ramadan Reflections – A Recap of Ramadan 2022

It’s very interesting - in the midst of the movement of our lives, we wake up to find that Ramadan has arrived again.

And what you thought your daily routine would look like is now shifted, with early morning breakfasts and fasting for more than 12 hours.

But we understand that in the midst of this chaos, this change of pace, is a chance to look inward for nourishment and guidance. Ramadan is a time for reflection, and what better way to reflect than to look at the past?

Mercy Without Limits recognizes that in order to gain the true blessings of Ramadan, one must a) look beyond themselves and their worldly desires, and b) think of others. It is true, that fasting is difficult—but it is nearly impossible to work on self-growth and nourishment when one is unsure how they will break their fast. We recognize that there are millions around the world who are in a never-ending fast.

We have done extensive work last Ramadan in order to make sure families are fed. When people are fed, they can focus their attention not on where their next meal is coming from, but on self-development, especially during this Holy Month.

What we did

For Ramadan 2022, we at MWL provided food and other necessities for communities around the globe. From food baskets to water wells to Eid gifts, MWL aims to make Ramadan and Eid a time of joy and blessings to all those in need.

Food baskets

With the help of your donation, we packaged and distributed food baskets during Ramadan—packages of food to feed a family for the entire month. Families spent Ramadan together, gaining their blessings, instead of worried about what they can eat for iftar.


MWL hosted iftars for thousands of families to break their fast together. Month long, we provided nutritious meals to nourish the spirits of others.


Orphan Sponsorship

Communities are created and maintained during the Ramadan season. Orphans without immediate family especially need that communal support. Thankfully, MWL was able to promote sponsorship of orphans worldwide and provide them with necessities during Ramadan. With the help of our MWL community, we were able to feed, clothe, and nurture young children and bless their Ramadan.

Building Wells

Access to water is a necessity—one that is especially important for long days of fasting. Water brings people together and forms communities. MWL has built several water wells in various communities in order to strengthen those communities and provide an essential life force.


MWL ended the Ramadan season with a celebration fit for our communities. New clothes and toys were handed to children – many of whom are orphans- to lift their spirits.

Ramadan is a cycle of reflection and celebration. We hope to continue to make this month easier and full of blessings for our global communities. We thank you all for contributing to our projects and changing people’s lives, and we look forward to sharing updates from Ramadan 2023.

17 Mar 2022

Behind Every Orphan is a Child

Political conflicts, natural disasters, and the insecurity in acquiring basic needs makes orphans feel as if they need to mature quicker to remain afloat.

But even in the tragedies that face them, they are still children, with innocence and joy at the core of their being. At MWL, we not only want to provide basic necessities—shelter, water, food and healthcare—to keep them safe and healthy; we also provide aid as a means of preserving the childhood innocence. Children deserve to be children—without worrying how they will survive to the next day.

Here are some ways Mercy Without Limits has been providing help to our orphans, through orphan sponsorship and beyond:

Food and Water 

Our team ensures that orphans, sponsored or not, are provided with clean, nutritious food and water throughout the year. We provide different programs and campaigns that target hunger and create sustainable water wells for children and their communities to enjoy and prosper from.

With many orphans living in refugee camps, access to food and water is often scarce. With orphan sponsorship, food aid is guaranteed, and food becomes accessible to the sponsored orphan.


Every child has a right to education.

Orphaned children deserve to access education— with or without familial support. We at MWL make sure that the roadblocks for a child looking to access to education are resolved, especially through providing school supplies and training programs. Our educators also take groups of children on fun, educational field trips throughout the year to enrich their lives and allow for new experiences.

Older children have the ability through our young adult programs to gain pre-professional skills to launch them into further academic or vocational pursuits.

second-image A female child and a female adult volunteer face the camera, making a heart shape with their two hands.


During times of emergency, orphans are especially suffering without support from their families. Tents that are old and fragile become victims of destruction during natural disasters and harsh weather conditions. Our team builds and sustains emergency tents for orphans to find solace in. We build shelters—tents and buildings, protecting orphans and keeping them warm.


We honor the spirit of our children by providing them activities that allow fun and joy into their lives. Our main event is the Eid celebration parties we have worldwide. Children get to forget their worries and enjoy activities and receive gifts. New clothes and toys are a promise to orphaned children for the holiday season.

A child is more than an orphan—they are a beacon of joy, gratitude, and hope, as they create and mold the faces of generations to come. Our team gives the tools for our children overseas to live full lives and remain hopeful for the future. There are ways that you can contribute to a child’s future, and a community’s wellbeing. Find out how you can join MWL today to make a better future for tomorrow.